Comfy Fox

Comfy Fox
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Uploaded by Debbie Oppermann on 03 Dec 2019 in Guelph

The Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes, is a small dog like mammal with a sharp pointed face and ears, an agile lightly built body and a coat of lustrous fur. Fox are shy, secretive and nervous by disposition and appear to be very intelligent. They have excellent eyesight, keen sense of smell and acute hearing and eat mainly small animals like mice, squirrel and hare but also plants, berries and insects. They hunt usually around sunset and, during the day and early morning. This cute Red Fox was a regular visitor to the cottages on the French River Ontario Canada and in this image decided to rest all curled up on a wooden deck but still perked up while checking out the activity in the area.

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Debbie Oppermann

Sorry, this was at the French RiverOn not Guelph On


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