Wolf in Motion

Wolf in Motion
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Uploaded by Tilai Ellis-Stairs on 08 Dec 2019 in Victoria

It was a magical night spent beside Calvin Falls on Nootka Island. The sky burned a burnt golden colour I wouldn't be able to describe. As the sun fell through the mist, the colours in the sky became deeper and more beautiful by the second. Nobody believed the night could get any better - but then it did. Two wolves were spotted on the beach, west of us. I quickly switched lenses and ran to a good viewpoint. The large wolf (possibly male) sauntered across a nearby river, walked just east of our campsite and sat down. The second, the smaller and fluffier of the pair, hesitated at the river. It looked up into the woods behind it a few times, then decided to take the woodland trail instead. The wolf that had past us then ran back across in front of us again, this time much closer. Pictured is the first wolf running back across our campsite at full speed. If you look closely you can spot an old wound to his right, front lip.

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