Snowy Owl On Fence Post

Snowy Owl On Fence Post
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Uploaded by Debbie Oppermann on 08 Jan 2020 in Guelph

"Snowy Owl On Fence Post" by Debbie Oppermann. I asked my husband very nicely to spend a few hours to go for a tour on the country roads north of us to look for Snowy Owls one fine sunny winter afternoon and like the awesome husband he is, he agreed. I need a driver so I can search and he can drive and it worked well. Imagine my delight when the regal female Snowy Owl was found roosting on a fence post in a farmers field. The Snowy Owl is a sit and wait hunter. Silent and patient it surveys the winter fields as it hunts during the day, unlike other Owls. There haven't been too many sightings of the Snowy this winter so far, so actually spotting this Arctic beauty between Fergus and Arthur Ontario Canada was thrilling!

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