Master Of Camouflage

Master Of Camouflage
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Uploaded by Debbie Oppermann on 15 Jan 2020 in Guelph

There were many visits to the park in Guelph Ontario Canada, where this small Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl was reported to be roosting in a tree cavity and one semi sunny day I finally got to see this cutie. They are only about eight and half inches tall so it looks quite tiny in this large home. I watched it for awhile and it mostly was sleeping but every once in awhile it would shift positions and open it's eyes. In this image the Eastern Screech Owl was very sleepy and had only opened it's eyes a tiny bit, just enough to let me know that it knew I was watching it and didn't really care. They are the masters of camouflage and are very hard to spot when out on tree branches so I was super thrilled to see it roosting in this tree. Apparently it lives there year round so maybe with some luck I will see it with it's owlets in the spring

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