Maybe A Little Bored

Maybe A Little Bored
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Uploaded by Debbie Oppermann on 20 Jan 2020 in Guelph

I had heard through the grapevine that a Snowy Owl was spotted in an area basically around the corner from my house so as soon as I could, I was out there searching. I didn't have to search for long as the female Snowy Owl was roosting on a telephone pole right along the road on the outskirts of Guelph Ontario Canada. I watched her for a couple hours but she was quite content to just sit. Her head was constantly on a swivel searching the fields and every once in a while she would make a few moves or shift position or make funny faces or just look at me. In this image she is looking like she is just fooling around with different expressions as she may be a little bored watching the cars go by. The Snowy Owl is a sit and wait hunter. Silent and patient it surveys the winter fields as it hunts during the day, unlike other Owls.

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