Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight
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Uploaded by Norrie Franko on 20 Jan 2020 in Wellandport

There is just no words to explain the feelings that rush through you when you first encounter an animal you have only dreamed about. My first glimpse a Spirit bear was a retreating form way up stream at 9:07am. We had arrived not that long before and even though there was no photo opportunity my spirits soared. If I had already seen one and just got there. I was in for a treat! The Wait. Well for the next 3 hours we photographed a few black bears as the rain just got heavier as time went on , then 3 hours later, “The Boss” , as this bear was named, showed up walking behind much brush along the creek bed for about 3 minutes and disappeared again. I didn’t even manage one clear shot of his face, I realized my high hopes of the day were sinking as the rain continued to fall. Two and a half hours later “The Boss” appeared and stayed out for a time wandering around the creek bed. He would come and go. We followed him down stream a bit and watched as he fished a side channel that was not there when we arrived. I even videoed for a short time. The creek was rising and we would wait another 2 ½ hours for him to return. He did not. Twelve hours after arriving , our rain gear severely tested ( much had failed), we hiked out. Me hoping I had captured something I could use in the very low light, wet conditions. What do you think?



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