A blue heron got a very nice catch

A blue heron got a very nice catch
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Uploaded by Yohann Chaplin on 31 Jan 2020 in West Vancouver

I was leaning very low next the water hoping to get some good shots of a few dragonflies that where flying around. Just to get those little creatures in focus required all my attention and I spent quite a long time trying to get the shot I was looking for. Therefore, I was not particularly paying attention to what was happening around me, but this blue heron had gotten close by, just a few steps away from me. I heard a big splash in the water that made me startle. I was so surprise to see a heron so close to me. The little fellow a just captured a wonderful fish. I just had the time to turn around my camera and grab a few shot before the heron swallowed the fish at once a flew away.

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